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The Kodenkan Center is pleased to offer the following classes.

Matsunoryu Goshinjitsu

Matsunoryu Goshinjitsu offers martial arts training combined with practical, effective self defense techniques including striking, throwing and grappling. Classes available for adults and children 5 and up.


Mark Gettings, from The Yamakawa dojo, teaches Shin Shin Sekiguichi Ryu Batto Jutsu - Kenjutsu (sword techniques) at our Dojo.
"Sensei Gettings began formal martial arts training in 1986 and has been an instructor since 1992.  He is Shihan in Mizu Hi Shinto Ryu, Shin Shin Ryu and Iai Jutsu, as well as holding a teaching license in Batto Do Ryu Seiken. By day, he is a geophysicist for the US Geological Survey."


Note this class is open by invitation only.