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Irene H. Swanson, Shihan, is an instructor in the martial art of Matsuno Ryu Goshinjitsu and the director of the Kodenkan Center. She began her study of Matsuno Ryu Goshinjitsu in the mid-eighties under Vinson K Holck, Shihan. She received her Shodan in 1989 from the Kodenkan Yudanshakai. Then began training in Danzan Ryu Jujitsu under Barry Holck, Shihan. In 1998, she received her Nidan in Danzan Ryu under Mark Fitzsimons-Cahn, Sensei. In the same year, after intensive Bokkendo training, Shihan received her instructor certification in the art of Kodenkan Bokkendo from Meleana Tomooka, Shihan.

In addition, she trains at the Yamakawa dojo under Mark Gettings, Shihan, in kenjutsu (sword techniques). She currently holds the rank of Sandan in Shin Shin Sekiguichi Ryu Batto Jutsu, which was awarded to her by Yamada, Soke. Shihan also trains in Karate, which she incorporated into her Cardio Karate, a conditioning exercise program, taught here at The Academy. Before her involvement with this dojo, Irene Swanson, Shihan, taught Matsuno Ryu Goshinjitsu for many years through the Catalina Foothills school district. Over the years, Shihan has coached quite a number of successful competition teams in both Jujitsu and Karate. During the day, Sensei works for a water utility as a GIS Analyst.

Courtney Love


Sensei Love is instructor in the Adult/Advanced Goshinjitsu class. She earned her Shodan and Nidan/Sensei certifications under Shihan Swanson.

Robert Bloom


Sensei Bloom is an assistant instructor in the Adult/Advanced Goshinjitsu class. He earned his Shodan and Nidan/Sensei certifications under Shihan Swanson.