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The Kodenkan Center

The Kodenkan Center offers an array of martial arts for the Tucson community, with courses for children and adults. It is an affiliate of the Kodenkan Yudanshakai, one of the oldest martial arts organizations in Tucson, Arizona.

Martial arts are excellent means of improving one's physical and mental well being.

Join any time. Leave a message at our phone, send us an e-mail, or stop by at the Dojo Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:00 - 7:00, or Saturdays 12:00 - 2:00.

The Kodenkan Yudanshakai will celebrate its 50th anniversary. Join us June 9-11, 2017 for a 3-day celebration that will include workshops, demonstrations, talks, parties and a traditional promotions banquet. Anyone who has been a part of the KDK family is encouraged to attend. More details are available at the KDK 50th anniversary announcement - Registration Form

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Kodenkan Yudanshakai Black Belt Test Shodan/Nidan Candidate Testing will be held at the Kodenkan Center (3127 N. Stone) on Sunday, April 30.

Summer Martial Arts Camp The KDK's traditional Martial Arts Camp is back. It will be held on Memorial Day Weekend, May 27th and 28th at the Ott Family YMCA. Ask Sensei for details.

Volunteers Needed The KDK and the Center are asking everyone to consider volunteering to staff the events of the 50th anniversary celebration. We need willing volunteers, preferably not current yudansha, to provide 1 or 2 hours of time Friday June 9th, Saturday (10th), Sunday (11th) (possibly Monday 12th) . Duties include prepare participation packages, check-in guests, assist setup and take down, monitor different venues, staff hospitality suite and more. Please help out. Contact any of the Senseis to sign up.

Center Classes

  • Matsunoryu Goshinjitsu - A modern martial arts style. Learn practical self defense techniques, with emphasis on throwing and grappling. Classes available for adults and children.
  • Cardio Karate - A fun workout that combines basic self defense techniques with aerobic exercise.
  • Little Dragons (ages 3-5) Get your little ones involved in a fun physical activity. Children learn basic martial arts and physical conditioning. Emphasis is placed on discipline, patience, focus and respect for self and others.
  • Kenjutsu (Sword Techniques) class meets the first Saturday of every month from 12:50 to 2:00. The class is open to brown belts and up, members of the KDK. If not a brown belt, student must be 16 years of age; permission of the student's Sensei is required.